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What Are Cheap Promotional Products?

The word "cheap" can easily be misunderstood. When you are looking for cheap promotional products, you probably mean inexpensive. But, when your customers hear that you hand out cheap gifts, they may think "junk."

Luckily, cheap doesn't have to mean junk. Companies that are in the business of producing and selling or distributing promotional products want to develop a reputation for quality. Just like you don't want people to think of your products or services as junk, they don't either. This is a win/win situation for you and the company. You get fabulous branded products at rock bottom prices and they gain a reputation for providing high quality items at prices anyone can afford.

What Can You Get?

A dollar doesn't seem to go very far these days, but branded promotional product companies are able to buy in large quantities to keep prices low naturally, these savings get passed on to you. For about a dollar or two you can get:

- pens

- travel mugs

- cow bells

- computer brushes

- spooner mugs

- tote bags

- key chains

- letter openers

- sand pails

- and much more

These are useful items anyone would love to receive. Of course, you do have to buy about 100 to get these fabulous items at that price, but you will find it is well worth the cost. Besides, you won't have a very successful ad campaign if you contact less than 100 potential customers.

The biggest expense with handing out promotional products is the cost of postage. So, if you plan to include giving away free gifts as part of your marketing strategy, only mail out small items that don't weigh much, such as pens or key chains. Use the larger, heavier items such as mugs and sand pails as gifts at trade shows or conventions.