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Customer Appreciation: Feeling the Love All Year Long!
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As a business owner, you know how important your customers are to your business. A little customer appreciation can go a long way. Instead of showing your appreciation only during the holiday season, stand out from the crowd and be different Send them a gift when they least expect it. Want to show your customers how much they mean to you? Don't just demonstrate your appreciation for your customers during the holiday season. Oh, sure, it may seem like the perfect time with all of the gift giving, tree trimming, and singing of songs about being grateful and happy. But aren't you just as grateful for your customers' business around Flag Day, the first day of daylight savings time, and on the final day in April?

Of course you are! That's why you can give a promotional item to your customers thanking them for their business any day of the year. Whether it's Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or a day in the middle of the month, you can offer customers that sentiment that says, I'm grateful for your business or Thank you so much for using our services. You can even shower them with thanks during the rainy spring days in April think umbrellas!

Warm 'Em Up
As the temperatures dip during the late fall months, send your customers a great promo item that will keep them warm. Whether it's a snazzy travel mug to tote around their coffee, a long-sleeved t-shirt to wear during those chilly days, or a warm-up jacket to keep them cozy, you've got something great that will be enjoyed. But the best part is your logo is prominently displayed on the item be it clothing or a mug. The next time your customer is sipping his mocha latte or grabbing her comfy denim jacket, he or she will be silently thanking you.

Feel the Love
We all like to feel special. We all like freebies. You know you enjoy those free samples that are offered at your favorite grocery store or wholesale club. Let your customers feel the love, too. Provide a promotional item that you know they can enjoy a great pen, a box of candy, a day planner.

Your customers will especially appreciate receiving a special gift on an ordinary day say, in the middle of September, when they least expect it. It's great to offer your thanks for a great year of business in November or December, as the year comes to an end. But it's wonderful to let your customers know how much their business means to you on any given day of the year.

Appropriate Gifts for the Moment
Need a reason to give your customers a gift? It's the first day of summer and you want to keep your company's name and services in front of your customers even during those long, lazy vacation days. Have your logo or company name added to beach umbrellas, first aid kits, towels, hats, and outdoor novelties like baseballs. It's a great way to not only have your name travel along with your customers, but also to enable other people to spot your logo on the sand and near the surf.

Another unique thing to do is choose an item or items that fit with your business services. Own a nail salon? Give your customers tiny manicure sets with your logo on them so that your message stays with them every day. When they need another nail service, they'll remember to call you and will have your number literally at their fingertips since it's right there on the manicure case.

Are you a dentist? Every patient who walks through your door should leave with a brand new toothbrush imprinted with your name and phone number. The next time your patient chips a tooth, has jaw pain, or simply needs to make an appointment for a cleaning, he or she can conveniently look at the toothbrush and pick up the phone.

If you are in the travel industry, no client should head off to Cancun or some other destination without luggage tags or a travel bag that is emblazoned with your name and logo.

Just for Fun
But you don't have to be all about toothbrushes and flashlights. You can put your logo on a fun promotional item and send it out to your customers. Choose something that really stands out and will be different from what your competition is using. Think excitement.

For instance, send out a magic answer ball for the kid in all of your customers. The next time an important meeting comes up, he or she can shake the magic ball for fun. Should I attend or not, Magic Ball?

Who doesn't love a smidgeon of chocolate on a busy work afternoon? A box of fudge or assorted chocolates offers a feeling of elegance and can be shared by numerous people within an office, rather than just a single person.

If your clients are big sports fans, send items like stadium bench cushions, colored golf balls, folding chairs, or binoculars. You can be sure that all of these products will be used on any day of the year, whether your customers are heading out to cheer on their favorite pro team or spending a day with the family down at the beach.

So, it doesn't matter what day of the year you give your clients a promotional item. You can give them something around the holidays in December as a way of showing your thanks, but make sure to remember them at other moments during the year. Your generosity will be much appreciated and don't be surprised if your customers continue to repeat their business with you in the months and years to come. e from is easy. We're your online source for all of your marketing and promotional needs.