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When someone hears the term "promotional item," he or she usually thinks about a nifty pen, a t-shirt, or a hat given out at a tradeshow, a baseball game, or at the company picnic at the boss' house. That's true for a great deal of the promotional items that are bought each day. Most of these products are purchased by companies to promote their mission, services, and brand.

Lately, however, everyday people like you and me are realizing the convenience and fun of using promotional products to better enhance and add character to a special event. After all, promo items aren't just for companies anymore!

So, what about you? Think you might have an occasion or a fun-filled event that would be perfect for a promotional item? You don't have to use the typical pen or t-shirt unless that's what you like. There are many different products that can fill your needs or add something innovative to a party, an event, or some other special occasion.

That bar mitzvah for your son, your daughter's wedding, your spouse's 50th birthday, and this summer's block party are all occasions where you can give out fun promotional items. Hosting the annual neighborhood swim party? Give out adorable rubber ducks imprinted with the date of the big event. Getting together with your clique of friends from college? Choose a great beer stein with your school's mascot and name and you're sure to get more than a couple of smiles from the group.

For a bar mitzvah, there are many unique options like imprinted alarm clocks, radios, or calculators all of which symbolize growing up and maturity. At your baby's first birthday, you can distribute sippy cups, bibs, or containers of baby wipes to all of the young children in attendance with the special date and your child's name on the items.

Want to add a fun twist to a wedding? Place poms or foam fingers or even megaphones at every setting at the tables. When the happy couple is announced for the first time in public, let the crowd go wild! What a fun way to involve the guests get in the spirit of this milestone moment.

Even for a holiday like Halloween there are great ideas in promotions. Throwing a Halloween party? Give your guests Halloween pumpkin light-up necklaces or small flashlights. Both will keep the kids safe while they are walking around trick or treating. Of course you know that everyone stresses about the December holidays the shopping, the cooking and baking, the entertaining of relatives. Ease the stress of the season by giving all of your friends an adorable Santa stress ball to squeeze away the anxiety. Your recipients will surely enjoy this fun and thoughtful gift.

For your dad's retirement party, golf equipment like umbrellas, tees, golf balls, or golf shirts are a great sentiment to remember the special occasion. Give out sweets like chocolate-covered almonds, fudge, or even a heart-shaped container filled with mints at your wedding. Your guests will enjoy sweet memories of the big day while they nibble on the goodies.

Of course, you can use your own imagination to select the promotional item that meets your needs. Find a product that you really like or that has deep meaning to you (i.e. if you love computers, pick a gadget of some sort; if you enjoy baking, select a dessert server or a pot holder) and have it imprinted with the name of the special event and the date. These wonderful products will surely be used by your guests, and each time they do so, they'll remember you and your party or occasion which is why companies and businesses use these items in the first place!

Promotional items are convenient and inexpensive favors that add flair and fun to any event or party. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to have them made up to fit your needs. So, for your next party, forego the glue gun and endless hours spent making up favors. Order yours from and you'll be happy that you did!

by: Karen Spring,