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Promotional Calendars: 365 Days of Advertising
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Need a way to show your customers you really care and also keep your corporate brand or name in front of their eyes every day of the year? Promotional calendars are the way to go. Think about it. What item does every person need whether that individual is a chief executive, a soccer mom, or a shoe salesperson? Every person needs a calendar to keep tabs on upcoming appointments, meetings, and other important events.

Cost Effective and Popular
Promotional calendars are a very popular item. In fact, statistics show that 85 percent of people will do business with the company that gave them the calendars! Plus, calendars are an inexpensive item. Ever notice how many times one person looks at a calendar on any given day? The truth is a person generally glances at a calendar at least 10 times daily. 10 times! That's 10 instances where your corporate name is in front of their eyes in a 24 hour period alone. No other promotional item can even come close to getting your name out in front so often.

Calendars have become popular for a variety of reasons. For one, calendars aren't expensive to produce, but they can be customized to fit your needs and come in many different styles think flowers, horses, sunsets over the ocean, inspirational quotes, or funny office humor. Also, you can choose from day planners to wall calendars to small pocket calendars. Unlike other giveaways and promotional items, recipients consider calendars more of a gift and less of an advertisement. It isn't likely that you will hand a customer a calendar and he or she will toss it into a corner and forget about it. Instead, that customer will most definitely hang the calendar or up or keep it in a handy spot so that it is easily accessible.

The main reason why calendars have become so popular with both companies and customers is because they are looked at on a daily basis but cost very little to produce.

Which One Is Right for Your Business?
Trying to find the right gift to send your customers this holiday season? Want to promote your business with the perfect promotional item that fits with every customer of any age, with any occupation? Think about adding your corporate logo or brand name to a calendar and sending it out or dropping it off to your customers. You can choose the one that you think will advertise your name the best and this promotional gift is one that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and from all walks of life.

You might want a desk calendar that offers your customers a daily inspirational message. Thinking more in terms of a wall calendar? Maybe your idea is to find something patriotic with scenes of Americana or transports your customers to the putting green with a calendar chock full of photos from the plushest golf courses. Magnetic calendars are the perfect addition to a family's refrigerator or a metal filing cabinet. Daily planners are always needed for recording important meetings and busy schedules.

Promote Your Name
It doesn't matter what business you are in: real estate, banking, the mortgage field, or the healthcare industry. Gimmees.com has the perfect calendar for you to fit with your budget and to meet your corporate needs. You'll find that our calendars are quality gifts that will make your customers smile and do business with you in the coming year. Visit our web site at www.gimmees.com to see our array of promotional calendars and other items. Like our other promotional offerings, our calendars can be imprinted with your corporate logo or company name.

by: Karen Spring, Gimmees.com