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Eco-Friendly Promotional Products
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These days, everyone is looking at ways to save the green, and I'm not just talking about the George Washingtons and Ben Franklins hidden in your wallet. Giving Mother Earth a helping hand by reducing, reusing, and recycling is huge.

Just think about how many plastic water bottles you tossed into the trash last week. How about all of the appliances you leave plugged in when you go to work each day? Did you take a long shower this morning? Leave the water running while you brushed your teeth? All of these things make you and everyone else you know -- a foe to the environment.

So, if the thought is less in terms of waste and usage how can you do more to promote your company with the various trinkets, gifts, and items that you enjoy giving away to your customers, clients, and employees? Well, the great thing is that if you do your homework and really investigate what you are buying, you can select the right promotional item to give away that also is kind to the world around you. Today's promotional products have become more earth-friendly and more innovative. Unlike items from a few years back, these new offerings can be made from recycled materials, use solar power instead of batteries or electricity, or might be comprised of bamboo or some other organic product.

At Gimmees, we are mindful that the earth is more polluted today than it was yesterday and we have been encouraging our clients to use our ecologically friendly products for years. Not only can we help you get your name out to the public, but we can help you do so with products that you feel good about putting your name on!

It's easy to think of things like recyclable water bottles to hand out at a company picnic or another summer gathering. That's a nice idea, but you can still let your promotional products be fun and exciting enough that they wow your recipients. Are you a tax preparation service? A Visions Solar Calculator is the perfect tool to hand out to your clients - they will receive a gift that they can always use, it has your corporate name on it, and it doesn't use any energy. If your company specializes in bathroom remodeling, plumbing, or water purification, a Shower Minder Water Conservation Timer will always show off your logo while your customers watch their daily water usage.

Other great offerings from Gimmees that every company should consider are the solar LED flashlight and a Green Line Solar Charger. Flashlights are a must for everyone since a home should have one on every floor and in each bedroom along with one in every vehicle for emergencies. With all of the cell phones, PDAs, and other gadgets requiring a charge rather often, a solar charger fits the bill without zapping more electricity from your outlets.

And here's another tip. When you have your solar calculators, Mason Pens made of biodegradable ingredients, or Recycled Cotton Apron Kits on hand at a tradeshow or when you visit clients, don't plop them into a plastic bag to distribute. Instead, personally hand each one to the recipient, introduce yourself and your company, and give a firm handshake. Your client or customer will definitely remember you and the courtesy that you've extended. That, in itself will go much further than any old plastic bag ever could.