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Top 10 Unique Promotional Products
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There's nothing like visiting the grand opening of a new business or walking the aisles at a tradeshow and meeting new people. Oh, and a few promotional items like a t-shirt, swanky coffee mug, and a pen never hurt either. If people hear that your business is handing out something, the masses will flock to you as if you were the Pied Piper himself. Instead of the typical gadgets and goodies like pens and key chains that most people hand out, heres a list of our 10 favorite unique promotional items that will get you, your corporate name, and your giveaway noticed.

  1. The Mini Beach Safe with Carabiner Clip
    I love this one! Why? Well, for years I have been trusting that $20 bill that I carry to the beach each day (in case my kids demand a visit from the ice cream man) to the toe portion of my shoe. Yup, like everyone else who has ever visited a beach, I jam my valuables into the toe of a shoe. As if no sand thief ever expected to look there! But if hes seen my feet, chances are, he wont. Still, I like this little gadget because my house key and money can stay in one spot without getting lost in a giant beach bag or left to rattle around in my sneaker.
Mini Beach Safe with Carabiner Clip
  1. Picnic Blanket
    In this age of cell phones and texting, the old-fashioned picnic may seem, well, old-fashioned. But theres nothing more fun on a warm spring day than a picnic in the park. This cool picnic blanket even has its own contained carrying case and strap so that your hands are free to carry fried chicken, potato salad, and cookies. Ants arent included.
Picnic Blanket
  1. 27 Piece Emergency Auto Kit
    Im all about safety. Im also all about making my life simple. This kit does both it is chock full of everything needed in case my car is stranded somewhere and is all contained in a small kit that can fit in my trunk or even under the front seat. I never even have to take it out of the car. This portable offering stays put until I need it.
27 Piece Emergency Auto Kit
  1. Mini Sani-Mist Pocket Sprayer
    H1N1, anyone? No thanks! Im the Sanitizer Goddess so I stockpile the stuff. Its in my car, in my purse, in my husbands car, and in my kids lunch boxes. This little tube is easy to hide in my pocket or attach to my car keys. So, whether Im about to sit down at a nice restaurant or have just loaded my groceries into the car after a marathon supermarket run, I de-germ my hands without soap and water.
Mini Sani-Mist Pocket Sprayer
  1. Squeeze Flashlight
    You should always have a number of flashlights stowed throughout your home in case of an emergency. This one is especially great because it doesnt require batteries or electricity. No batteries, no power, no problem! Squeeze this bad boy for 60 seconds and it provides 15 minutes of light which hopefully will be when your electricity is restored.
Squeeze Flashlight
  1. Noodle Yo Yo
    This toy found its way into my house the other night and my sons spent hours playing with it. There were a lot of giggles and a lot of bopping Mom in the head with it, but since its not a hard toy, it doesnt matter. The noodle yo yo is way more fun than the old fogey yo yos of yesteryear. Plus, its much more vibrant, too. If the kids are happy and not bothering me, Im ecstatic.
Noodle Yo Yo
  1. Rubber Ducks
    Who doesnt love ducks? I want to know! These adorable little yellow plastic creatures just crack me up. And I love to use them for dcor. The graduate duck has made an appearance as the centerpiece on a cake for a high school graduation party. The baby duck was a cute add-on to a friends baby shower gift. Theres no end to the things you can do with these little critters.
Rubber Ducks
  1. Piggy Bank
    Im moving right along with the animal theme here, because pigs are as cute as ducks. The piggy bank might seem pass, but its a great little gift to keep in your kitchen or the laundry room where spare change always seems to turn up. Every time you find a nickel that strayed from someones wallet, toss it into your bank. By the end of the year, your pig might contain enough change so that you can take the kids out for ice cream.
Piggy Bank
  1. Frost Star Wine Stopper
    Who doesnt love wine? And who doesnt love this adorable wine stopper? Really, it adds a festive touch to your bottle of red or white and looks terrific on the table. It also makes a great conversation piece, as if wine needed any more fans!
Frost Star Wine Stopper
  1. Multifunction Desk Clock
    I have always liked to have a lot of information right at my fingertips and this clock gives it to me. Not at my fingertips per se, but right there in front of my eyes. One quick glance and I know the date, time, and temperature. I dont even have to turn on the news. Gotta love that!
Multifunction Desk Clock

by: Karen Spring, Gimmees.com