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Golf Tournament Promotional Products - a Hole in One!
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Once the cold winds leave and sunshine breaks through those dark wintry clouds everyone from little critters to people race outdoors to embrace the fine weather. Its during these months of beautiful days that many men and women find themselves on the green, swinging a club, and hoping for that next birdie. What a great way to spend the day in the sun.

Golf tournaments are popular for several reasons. They bring people together to enjoy a common pastime. Many times they are held to raise money for charity. Corporations host tournaments to have their employees, partners, and clients meet and enjoy a fun activity. A little exercise, a warm day on the course, and camaraderie with fellow golf lovers are all benefits of hosting a tournament. And these occasions are really looked forward to hence, why many become annual events.

Along with the fun of playing in a tournament, these events are the perfect opportunity for companies to promote their names, their businesses, and their products and services. How? Promotional items are a huge part of golf tournaments. Sure, you have seen or heard of people receiving the basics in promo items like golf balls, tees, or golf shirts. Other products though are available to add your corporate logo to and are perfect to hand out at a tournament. Here are a few suggestions: an eco golf kit, a golfer clip on watch, and a golf towel.

A hot item in golf tournaments is the giveaway bag filled with lots of fun and exciting items that are handed out to each golfer. The giveaway bag is another fantastic way to get your companys name and logo in front of the faces of the tournament participants. And rest assured, that when the event is long over, the items in your giveaway bags will still be in use and your name will still be noticed by the recipients.

The giveaway bags can contain more golf-oriented items like balls and tees, but theres no limit as to what you can add in here. Start off with a great bag like a large Monterey pouch and just add some great items to it. Here are a few ideas that we like for your giveaway bags: mints in a tin, a 16.9 ounce bottle of spring water, a screen printed cotton twill visor, a tournament jacket, a dazzler pen, a wind buster golf umbrella, an 8x10 wood frame (for that hole-in-one photo shot), and a mini aluminum LED flashlight.

Again, there are many other terrific items to add to the bag. You can pick and choose which items fit best within your budget, your corporate image, or even just on what you think would be the most widely accepted by those participating in the golf tournament. One of the benefits of handing out a giveaway bag of goodies at this type of event is that the items will be appreciated by your recipients long after they have walked off the course. And your corporate name and companys services will be long remembered.

by: Karen Spring,

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