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School is cool, but if you ask most kids they would deny that until pigs fly and the cows come home on their own. My kids have said that they wish summer vacation would last a whole year. Unfortunately, for them and fortunately for me (and all parents everywhere), the new school year starts up again just when we think we cant take another day of endless cartoons. And like most parents, Im not going to ship my kids off to class with last years broken crayons. I am going to make sure my boys have everything they need to ensure a positive classroom experience and new supplies that will make their learning more fruitful.

But then, the kids start arguing over who gets the folder with the football team on it and the colored glue sticks. Luckily for me, and every parent out there, Gimmees turns the whole back-to-school shopping nightmare into a more dreamy experience. Everything that I need to put in the backpacks is right there at the Gimmees Web site including the backpacks! Someone has answered my prayers and made the back-to-school process easy and fun.

I can snag a few High Sierra Impact Daypacks for the books, pencils, and crayons along with Identification Lunch Bags for those PB and J sandwiches, cupcakes, and juice boxes. Although strong, durable backpacks are the best bet for my kids, I do like to have a few Nylon Drawstring Backpacks on hand to keep an extra change of clothes for gym or to store extra drinks and snacks on class trips.

Of course, the kids need writing implements so I have stuffed their backpacks with the Star Bentcil Pencil and the Treble Clef Bentcil Pencil, which happens to be a personal favorite for my one son who plays the piano. Other goodies that are definite necessities for the school crew are the Double Erasable Highlighter, a few Felt Bookmarks, the 12 Ruler, a Hardcover Academic Planner, several Spectra Journal Books, and the Notebook Pouch, which is great to stuff all the school supplies into. Do you have a child who is headed off to college this fall? If so, you can send your freshman with the College Survival Guide which is a backpack filled with all the critical things he or she needs to attain success in those 8 AM classes. Make sure that college-bound kid has the jolt he needs after burning the midnight oil stick a pound bag of coffee, some powdered creamer, and a 16 ounce Black Chalkboard Travel Tumbler into his backpack.

Now that the big yellow bus has pulled away from our stop and the kids wave to me from their seats on their first day of school, an air of sadness falls on me. Summer has ended and Im alone for a few hours until the boys come banging in the door excitedly telling me about their day. Its a bittersweet moment school is back in session and I miss my kids but for now, Ill drown my sorrows in a tall cup of coffee in my 11 ounce Green Chalkboard Mug. I miss the boys for sure, but I enjoy the silence of autumn, too.