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On Sunday mornings in every small town and large city in America, people are eschewing their jeans and sneakers, instead choosing buttoned down shirts and dress pants or skirts and crisp blouses for an hour or two. No, it's not a visit to Grandma or a jury duty stint, but instead these folks are off to spend some precious time with God in the church of their choosing.

Various polls over the past 13 years have revealed that anywhere from 40 - 47% of Americans attend church regularly. This points to a very interesting fact: the church-going set is largely an untapped promotional market. Think about it. A large number of people go to church each weekend. Promotional items for religious organizations aren't something that you see often. Ever walked into a church, sat down in a pew, and been handed a stress ball or a coffee mug personalized with the congregation's logo? Of course you haven't! It's because not many churches have thought to use promotional items to market their business.

Congregations are perfect for promotional items. They function like businesses, have lots of participants, and are always looking to reach out to even more members. Providing the current members with marketing items shows you care. Distributing promotional products to potential congregants demonstrates your interest in bringing them into your fold.

But there are some considerations. Being a religious organization, you want to provide quality products that are thoughtful and that help carry your message. You need to choose something that will fit the needs of various people from young families with children to elderly couples. Think of your demographic as well as your budget. Promotional products should properly demonstrate your message - and they will also help you cater to those members of your church.

So, you've decided to buy and distribute marketing items. What do you choose? What should you give out to those church goers who listen to your sermons and whose faces you see every Sunday morning? You want something appealing and sophisticated, but also that will be complementary to your church as well as being reasonably priced. Gimmees takes the guesswork out of this dilemma. We've outlined a few options for you to consider.

First, a promotional magnet with the schedule for church services is a great idea. This is an item that is small, handy, and can fit on a parishioner's refrigerator. All information that he or she needs is contained right on that magnet.

Another perfect complement to your church is a calendar. The entire yearlong schedule is laid out in one product with special church services, holy days, and celebrations listed. Plus, your congregation's name, address, phone number, email address, and office hours are all clearly visible 365 days a year. Not a bad investment for something that markets your church for 12 consecutive months!

A magnifier is another great promotional idea for your followers. Not every liturgical book or Bible is in large print. Yet, you still want every one of your congregants to be able to follow along with prayers and readings during each church service. A magnifier is a small promotional item, but it can meet the needs of so many. How wonderful that everyone can participate in the Sunday service with this product!

These are just a few of the items to give you an idea of what you can give to your congregation. There are many others to choose from. Churches don't always give out promotional items out of fear that their messages are being misconstrued - congregants don't want church coffers to be used to hand out pricey items at will. However, using funds wisely to promote the congregation in the community and to current members and as a method of reaching potential followers are in the church's best interest and future.

At Gimmees, you can promote more and pay less, because every one of our promotional items is of the highest quality and can be customized with your logo and/or church name. We will help you find the best product to fit your congregation's needs. Give us a call today or click on our Web site to talk with a representative and get started with your order.