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Raise Awareness and Money with Promotional Items
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If I have said it once, I've said it a thousand times: in order to earn a dollar, you need to spend a dollar. This statement should be the mantra for every business out there today. No one will knock on your door, utilize your products and services, pick up the phone and call you or fire off an email to you unless he or she knows what you offer. Nonprofit organizations, schools, and charitable groups are no different because they too must function like business entities. Thus, these groups have as much right as any other organization to get their brands and services out in the marketplace.

However, not-for-profit groups and similar organizations do have one unique problem. They need to obtain monetary contributions without the benefit of sales. Or as the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it, fundraising is the organized activity of raising funds (as an institution or political cause).

Sounds like a nice concept doesn't it? Just put your name out there and people will start donating money. You know as well as I do that nothing is that cut and dry. Just ask the local university administrators how their annual alumni fund appeal is going. A few phone calls or a mailing aren't the only ways to get your cause in front of someone's face.

Promotional products are the perfect complement to fundraising. You might be wondering why. Why spend money on some pens or magnets when those dollars could be better utilized to go straight to the cause itself? Deep down you know the answer. Who doesn't like to get something as a giveaway? No one! We all like to get a little trinket or gift as a thank you from an organization for participation.

I'm sure you are aware of all of the campaigns to eradicate cancer. There are various groups who are consistently raising money to bring awareness to different forms of cancer and this topic touches many hearts because all of us know someone who has had the disease. Alex's Lemonade Stand and Susan G. Komen for the Cure are just two of many not-for-profit groups that are constantly recruiting volunteers and using fundraising activities for research against cancer. If you've ever joined in an activity that one of these amazing charities has hosted, you know that they give away various products to volunteers and participants from baseball caps and water bottles to travel mugs and bracelets. The purpose of these giveaways is to give the participants a token of thanks for their support. Additionally, these charities know that if participants go home with promotional items, there will be a high chance that those individuals will support these organizations in the future - both with hands-on participation and monetary donations.

Here's a story of my own in terms of promotional items. Recently, I was invited to a family-friendly event for alumni from my college. I decided to take my husband and kids to the university to partake in an alumni reception and a basketball game. We enjoyed free food and complimentary basketball tickets, spending an afternoon on campus. When we arrived at the sign-in desk, my kids were given signs to hold up during the game and beads to wear so they could cheer on the team that Mom rooted for in her four years in college. The kids loved that they got some fun things to hold and play with during the game. I loved the fact that my alma mater had provided a few giveaways to not only keep my kids busy but also to help encourage them to be excited about visiting the school's campus. We had a wonderful afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed the basketball game (my team won by the way). Connor held up his sign every time our team scored a basket while Aaron shook his beads with gusto. This day of fun cost us nothing (except for the money I spent on collegiate tees for my husband and kids, but that's another story). However, I've already made up my mind that for the next alumni fund appeal, I'm upping my annual donation. I have supported the fundraising activities of my alma mater for a number of years, but the treatment we received at this event on campus and the goodies given to my children made me realize the importance of every dollar that I give.

It's the same for any organization that depends on donations. Churches, schools, charities, research organizations, and the like can only benefit from using promotional items. Hand out your giveaways and you'll be sure to stick in the minds of your recipients.

Gimmees has a wide selection of promotional products that are budget-friendly and can perfectly show your cause. Your logo and name are prominently featured on every promotional item that we offer.

Give us a call today or visit our Web site to see what we can do to help you boost your fundraising capabilities.