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Promotional Items and Tradeshows: A Winning Combination for Your Business
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Tradeshows are paramount to getting your company's name, identity, products, and services out to the individuals and organizations that will spend their money on what you have to offer. You believe in what you offer obviously. You think your products and/or services are the best in the business. And they should be! Quality is critical.

But you can't just say you have the best there is. You have to prove it. Demonstrating at tradeshows is ideal for you. You'll have the opportunity to meet with other individuals who are interested in what your company offers. You have the chance to talk shop up close and personal, selling your company to the audience who visits your booth.

Now, how do you keep that audience? You need to have promotional items on hand to distribute to every single person who stops by your booth. When deciding on the promotional products you will give out, keep a few things in mind: quality, common sense, and usefulness. And let me add, you don't have to empty your company's proverbial coffers to do this.

First, quality is essential. Sure you'll have to order a large quantity of the item of your choosing for this tradeshow, but don't skimp out. Give out a product that you would want to receive if you were in your recipients' shoes. Distribute something that you feel comfortable putting your corporate identity on. Something as simple as a pen can be memorable, if it is unique. Also, investigate that pen that you've chosen as a giveaway. Is it something the tradeshow public can use at the event while walking the floor? Will it run out of ink in a matter of minutes? Does it look like a giveaway that someone would like to have? Ask yourself these questions before you order the giveaway.

Next, you always need to use common sense. Perhaps your organization is a fitness club targeted at women of all ages. You may consider sticky notes in pale pink or lavender to hand out to the women who stop by your booth in the effort to show a feminine yet funky touch to your gym's services. Not a bad idea. However, if you are a software company that provides technology products to engineering firms, pink sticky notes will probably not be an ideal giveaway product - they are too cutesy and aren't professional enough to market your organization and its software.

In terms of usefulness, think about the giveaway product as something that the recipient will use at the tradeshow and also later on at home or back at his or her office. Will your promotional item be something he or she would proudly use or will it get tossed into a desk or briefcase, never to be seen again? You'll want your item to be something that sticks in someone's mind - each time that the user writes with that pen or wipes his laptop screen with the computer lint brush, your company's name and that tradeshow booth of yours will jump out as clearly as if you were standing right there. Then, when the time comes for your recipient to need your product or service or whatever it is that you offer, he or she will come knocking, calling, or emailing.

When presenting at a tradeshow, you know you'll end up getting some audience members who may not be in the demographic you are targeting or who might not have any use for your company at the moment. That's okay. Every person at the show is an advertiser of sorts. Be courteous to everyone you meet because you never know when that man that you didn't want to give that baseball cap to might pick up the phone to order something out of your catalog. The woman in the gray suit took one of your pens and you figured to yourself that that was one less promo item in your inventory. What you didn't realize as you stood at your booth was that she referred you (and your pen) to a client of hers that has been trying to find a company like yours with the services you provide.

I've been to tradeshows in the past and been amazed by the amount of time and effort that people will put into their setups, their banners, and their giveaway items. I'm also impressed by how one booth in the middle of the show four rows over from the entrance can attract various people from all ends of the locale, simply because of what the individuals in that particular booth are giving out. I've seen people stop other attendees to find out where they had obtained that particular tote bag, light up pen, or other keepsake.

All of these points are the keys needed to help you and your company to be a success at the next tradeshow. To help make the preparation for that show an even bigger success, contact Gimmees. We're here to make the whole process of preparing for the tradeshow simple and convenient. We can help you find the ideal giveaway product or products that promote your business. You'll feel good knowing that potential leads will walk away from your table with a quality product that has your name on it.