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JANUARY 21, 2008

A Real Dilemma

Super Bowl time once again... for those of us in Eagles country, this particular game proves to be a real dilemma. Rooting for the NFC Champion (yeah, I know it hurts even to type that!) New York Giants is sacreligious in these environs, so I'm not even going to go there. Cheering on the AFC Champion New England Patriots would probably be a good idea from a bettor's standpoint, but for myself I'd rather jam bamboo shoots up my fingernails. After all, the Pats ruined a dream trip to the Big Game for this author a few seasons ago as they squeaked by the beloved Birds. Fans of both sides can get some Spirit Towels made up to show their true colors, while those of us whose seasons ended early can use them as crying towels. An undefeated season for the Brady Boys versus the dreaded lesser Manning-led G-Men; what kind of choice is that?
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