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AUGUST 3, 2007

Big Daytime TV News

BIG news today.....Whoopi Goldberg is taking the place of Rosie O'Donnell on The View! Now, I don't know about you, but Rosie had that edgy kind of commentary that Ms. Goldberg probably won't bring to the table. Not that I'm a regular viewer of The View....I prefer one of the numerous repeats of Sportscenter rather than that yakfest. Even better yet, I'd rather pack up my custom imprinted Koozie Lunch Sack,. head for the nearest beach and "view" some swimsuits. Now that's what summer is all about!
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AUGUST 3, 2007

A Warm Welcome for Michael Vick

Due to his off-field troubles, no-one knows whether Mike Vick is going to take the field for the Altanta Falcons this year. Despite this uncertainty, at least one intrepid group of Viking fans are planning a protest for his September 9th visit to the Metrodome. A unique protest in the form of Dog Bone Foam Spirit Wavers.

What is the message on the bones? Well... decorum prevents us from showing it here but let's just say it's not "Free Mike"!

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AUGUST 3, 2007

Promotion Commotion - The Beginning

What self respecting e-commerce business doesn't have a blog? Well, didn't... until today!

From now on, we - the dedicated, intelligent and energetic employees of will add weekly (maybe daily) commentary on pop culture, politics, sports and anything else on our minds. Feel free to comment, or just browse the blog and if you are so inclined, definitely feel free to purchase items from our online catalog :)

Disclaimer: As part of a covert, subliminal advertising campaign we may also inject carefully placed product links into our posts...
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