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A Simple Marketing Tool for Your Business

Ask a group of people what comes to mind when you say the words “promotional products” and you’ll probably get an array of answers like “golf shirts,” “pens,” and “coffee mugs.” These three things are among the most widely recognized when it comes to promo items and giveaways. In fact, let’s take a look at pens. You probably have quite a few of these lying around the house or your office from your bank, travel agencies, and healthcare providers. See? You’re using these products and that’s exactly what the person who gave one to you wants you to do! You’re marketing that individual’s business every time you pick up that pen and sign your name to a check, write down a shopping list, or ink your initials on your child’s homework. Your eye is drawn to that pen even if you aren’t thinking about booking a trip to Spain or needing any financial advice. When you do need a vacation or have to open a Roth IRA, that pen reminds you of the person or business providing that service. Now, do the same thing for yourbusiness. Market it with the Atlantis pen, a sophisticated gift that is comfortable to use and looks like a class act.
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A Pill that Isn't Hard to Swallow

Gotta take a pill? We all have to take medication at some time in our lives. Some of us have to do it regularly. When traveling, this can be a hassle because lugging along bottles of pills takes up precious space and effort. The 7-day pill box solves this problem by keeping each of your meds in one spot. I even have used this pill box to keep my vitamins safely under wraps when I’ve headed off on vacation. Another nice point to this giveaway is that you can pair it with something else like lip balm, sunscreen, or even a sun visor or sunglasses in a bag for your patients or customers. Pharmacists can even provide this 7-day pill box to customers when they fill their prescriptions. The pill box is terrific item for doctors, healthcare clinics, pharmacies, drug manufacturers, health insurers, senior citizen facilities, and hospitals. Oh, and it’s an inexpensive item, too so you will get a lot of benefits without paying a high cost.
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