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DECEMBER 15, 2014

Sipping into the New Year

It's not too late to give your customers, clients, and employees a token gift to remind them of how grateful you are for their business/service/dedication/hard work throughout the past year. Even if you cannot give a gift by Christmas, a thoughtful present delivered by the New Year is always thoughtful and welcomed. How about the Blue Ceramic Mug with Snowflake Design? It's a lovely coffee mug that can be used throughout the wintertime months and each use will remind its recipient how much you appreciate him or her. Don't want it to say Season's Greetings? No problem! Gimmees will gladly customize it with a saying that is pertinent to your business or a company logo. I have found that sometimes the best -- and most memorable -- gifts are the ones that are received in January, when the timing is a bit less hectic and my schedule is much more convenient. And what better way is there to kick off a brand new year than with a present that says thank you for your past business and here's to another successful 12 months?
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DECEMBER 10, 2014

Something to Hold Your Loot

Have I got a great giveaway for you! With all the gifts your clients, partners, employees, and the like will be giving and receiving this upcoming holiday, you'll need to give them a product that they not only can use every single day, but will definitely need. I myself am a fan of the Non-Woven Two-tone Shopper Tote Bag because it is durable, roomy, and also because -- and this is my favorite reason -- it can be used over and over again. No more tossing bags into a pile in the laundry room or disposing of them after using them only once. There are so many uses for this bag. I have personally filled up this bag with activities for myself (coupons to clip, the newspaper and magazines, bills and my checkbook, snacks, a water bottle) when I need to sit in the car for an hour while my son is at soccer practice. Now isn't this a great item to give for the holidays? You can add items to it or give it as is. Oh, and by the way, Gimmees has a great offer just for you -- 15% all products when you use the DECEMBER2014 code at checkout or mention it on the phone.
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DECEMBER 2, 2014

Bringing the December Stress Level Way Down

Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year's are fast approaching which means commercials, holiday movies, lots of Jingle Bell Rock and It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year playing on the radio and in stores and elevators. But stress levels are super high right now as the last month of the year for many businesses adds to the crunch of buying perfect gifts for everyone we know. Why not lighten the mood for your customers, partners, and clients with the champagne bottle stress reliever? It's a simple gift that will bring a chuckle to recipients, offers a way to blow off steam without pounding the person in the next cubicle or the individual just ahead in a long, wrapping-around-the-mall line, and pushes forth a loud and clear marketing message. Plus, it is appropriate in several ways for December (think champagne or sparkling cider for ringing in 2015) and stress relieving for every deadline that is coming down to the wire. And if a corporate holiday party is in your future, these stress relieving bottles will look fabulous at every place setting (and are a lot cheaper than giving every attendee their own champagne bottle).  Cheers!
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NOVEMBER 25, 2014

Aren't You Sweet?

The holidays are a great time to give a hearty thanks to those around you who have touched your life in the previous year. From friends and loved ones to those who perform services like delivering our mail and cutting our hair to the people we have purchased from us and used our products and services. When it's time to say thanks, a nice card with a proper sentiment and a gift are always much appreciated and well deserved. How about the gold gift box with chocolate covered pretzels? It gives a touch of sweetness to your recipient. And this is a gift that can be shared with others, which is another nice thing. This box, which is emblazoned with your logo or corporate name, offers a wonderful opportunity to not only thank someone but also to give your gift marketing potential for you. Who couldn't use a sweet gift like this? So give thanks this holiday season for all of the people who have been a positive part of your life in the past 12 months. Show them your gratitude with this simple, yet perfect gift of thanks.
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NOVEMBER 18, 2014

Picture Yourself Marketing Your Biz

It's always a good idea to plan ahead. Whether you're anticipating a big purchase for your home or you are hoping to land new business in the coming months, you should be well-prepared. Even if you have all the business you need (and can handle) today, it's in your absolute best interest to market yourself and that is where great planning comes in. Say you are heading to a tradeshow next week. What should you bring in addition to the typical table covers and banners? How about the 2015 photo frame calendar magnets? These fit nicely with your other tradeshow materials, but are slim and small enough to hand out easily. What I like about these magnets is that the recipient gets the chance to personalize them with a photo of their own choosing. I also like that this little magnet is a 12-month marketing product. When your recipient looks at it in February or April or August, he or she will think of yours truly. So, you must be well-prepared for this amazing opportunity! By planning right now, you have a marketing tool that lasts for a whole entire year. Plan ahead. It's truly good for your business.
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NOVEMBER 10, 2014

Be Unique and Stand Out from the Crowd

Sometimes a promo item really needs to make a statement. There's the executive clock that identifies you as a big deal when you receive one. The reusable shopping bag is self-explanatory. Use me when you hit the grocery store to put keep your bananas and broccoli in one spot. The stadium cushion is identified with keeping the bum cushioned at baseball games and on benches. But sometimes a promo item needs not to have specifics attached to it. Instead of it having a precise job, it can simply be something fun or silly. And perhaps that's what makes it so memorable. The Jellyfish Yo Yo is a prime example. It's cute. It's fun. It's downright silly. It's even a tad bit unnerving. Look at those crazy tentacles! It's a four-year-old child's dream to yo yo it up and down. But isn't there a tiny bit of a four-year-old in each of us just screaming to get out? Wouldn't this be the item to do that? That's what makes the yo yo a goodie for your next tradeshow. Don't do the practical. Give something that stands out, that is fun, and that makes you memorable. You won't be forgotten and that's a fact.
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NOVEMBER 3, 2014

Bring a Little Warmth to Your Recipients

The clocks have been switched back one hour which means, for many of us, we'll be returning home from work in the darkness. And with those dark evenings comes the cold. Why not help your clients and customers stay toasty in those wintry months with the Keep Warm Buddy Set? It's ideal for parents (soccer moms, especially), coaches, caregivers, travelers, college students, those undergoing medical treatments and procedures, and teachers (recess chaperones, anyone?). The set includes a cap, gloves, and scarf in a convenient holder bag, so it can be tossed into a suitcase, purse, tote bag, or pocket. Better yet, this set can be stowed away in a glove compartment so that it is readily available when bad weather strikes. With the cold weather and the holidays fast approaching, the buddy set is great for wintertime tradeshows, conferences, and workshops as gifts or giveaways for attendees. It is available in six colors so you can choose the one that best fits with your organization for customization purposes. Stay warm, people!
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OCTOBER 27, 2014

Nothing Will Ever Be Loose (or Dim) Again

Have I got a great promotional item for you! It's ideal for men and women of all ages, can be handed out at tradeshows and conferences, is bright and colorful, and is convenient for fixing things in a pinch. What is it, you ask? It's the Mini Screwdriver Kit LED. This kit tightens that cabinet that is unhinged, opens up the laptop that requires a new battery, and handles a range of other tasks. In addition to tightening and loosening screws the kit contains an LED flashlight for true emergencies, providing a very strong beam of light. Now you might be thinking why would I want to use this kit as a promo item? Isn't that something a home improvement store or handyman service should use as a marketing tool? Well, yes and no. Of course the home improvement industry will find great value to use this as a giveaway to customers. But truthfully, look at this kit. Isn't this something everyone could use? Of course it is! And each time it's pulled from a drawer, a glove compartment box, a kitchen cabinet, or a shelf to tighten a screw or loosen one, there's your name prominently displayed. Sounds pretty meaningful now, doesn't it?
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OCTOBER 20, 2014

When Life's Not Sanitary, Use This Spray and Market Your Biz

With the winter months looming, icy roads and impending snowstorms aren't the only things that can cause worry and discomfort. Cold and flu season bring a whole new range of issues and it's hard to steer clear of all the germs. Experts say good hand washing is paramount in avoiding sickness, but it's not always the most convenient option. When soap and water aren't available the sanitizer spray 1 oz is good to use. And it's not just for hospitals. I highly recommend this spray for any company looking to make a statement. Calling all gyms, daycare centers, assisted living facilities, grocery stores, retail chains, doctors' offices, banks and financial institutions, museums and zoos, schools and universities, government buildings, offices, etc. It doesn't matter what sort of business you work in, this sanitizer spray is universal and it helps to keep people well and healthy. There's no better marketing message than that! Hand this out to all of your customers, potential clients, partners, employees, family members, and friends. It achieves your message and helps keep everyone healthy in the process.
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OCTOBER 15, 2014

Your Promo Products Should Always be Double Ds... as in Double Duty!

Handling multiple tasks at once is normal for us humans. We talk on the phone while typing on the computer. We text while walking. Drive the car and gobble down a turkey sandwich. It's in our nature to do two or more things at a time. And that's what your promotional items should be doing for you, too. Look at the giveaways and goodies you hand out to people. Are they multitasking for you? Are they offering great benefits by getting your company name out to the masses while also performing  in their own capacity? Take something simple -- the Recycled 9 Oz. Clear Cup, for example. This cup gives some sort of refreshment (function #1) and brightly shows off who is offering said refreshment (function #2). Okay, now use the cup (or hundreds of them) in your booth at your next vendor showcase. See, all the people gathered around your booth? They are drinking (whatever beverage you have provided whether it's grape soda, filtered water, or iced coffee) and seeing the company's name right in front of them. It's what promotional items are supposed to do! It's multitasking at its finest.
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