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MARCH 24, 2015

Take Note, People!

Notebooks aren't just for schoolchildren anymore. We all need them for the obvious reasons (note-taking) and the non-obvious ones (jotting down mileage for work and tax purposes). When you have an item like this that is needed for everything from schoolwork to chores to grocery lists to brainstorming, doesn't it make a whole lot of sense to use this tool in your marketing campaigns? Doesn't it seem like this just might be an ideal promotional item for your organization? Yes, it sure does. The Recycle Die Notebook: $is just one of the notebooks that Gimmees offers with your imprint on the front in bold lettering. What's really wonderful about this particular notebook is that not only is made from recycled paper products, but it also comes with its own pen, making convenience a priority. The notebook is something your recipients can keep in their offices, kitchen drawers, brief cases, tote backs, glove compartments, bedside tables, or any other spot for when a genius idea strikes or a honey-do list must be drafted. And each time they reach for it to jot down items needed at the grocery store or an order for Chinese takeout, they will think of you and your business.
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MARCH 16, 2015

Lighten Up Your Marketing Campaign with THIS

Many companies participate in an array of workshops, conferences, conventions, and corporate business meetings in the spring months. These events offer wonderful opportunities to reconnect with long time partners and forge relationships with new contacts. As you pack your company materials to distribute to those in attendance don’t forget that a small token gift helps keep your business in the mind of others. You could hand out t-shirts or clocks or even an item that is custom tailored to your business, but I like something that offers multi-functionality like the pen and LED keyring. It's small and compact yet big in marketing potential. Look at how nicely this keyring can promote you! It's available in three colors, too. This is an item that your recipients will really be able to use. By the way, did you forget to place your order for this item? We've got you covered. Simply call or email Gimmees and we will provide you with free one-day production. Even if it is last minute, you won't arrive at your event empty handed with Gimmees in your corner. We'll make sure that your company is represented with high quality promo items.
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MARCH 9, 2015

A Marketing Boom

As we come marching into the month of March, there are lots of good things to come. March Madness for one. The baseball season -- whether it is Little League or the MLB and everything in between -- for another. How about college graduations, which typically take place in May? So many events are worth celebrating. Bring on the Boom Boom Sticks! Just clap them together and they bring excitement and fun to the party. Now, imagine how many people would see those sticks if your logo was imprinted on them. Thousands of people have the potential to spot them while they are being used. Your marketing message is getting in the minds of others during a game, party, or other celebration. Even during merrymaking, those marketing dollars are in use. The Boom Boom Sticks should be in the hands of every attendee at the event. If that's the case, your message is loud and clear to all. Get in on the excitement. Order yours today!
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MARCH 3, 2015

Is It Paper...or Plastic? And Can It Market Me?

We all drink beverages. In fact, doctors tell us to skip soft drinks and sugary juices and hydrate our bodies with water. But most of us drink bottled water for convenience in our on-the-go lives and those bottles are polluting our rivers and quite wasteful. Why not save a tree, encourage drinking more water, and give a marketing item that not only feels good to give but also is a product everyone could find value in? Let's introduce I'm a Paper Cup…Not!This 16 ounce tumbler looks like the standard paper cup but isn't. It's actually made of plastic, is biodegradable, and yet goes wherever your recipient does. It fits in the cup holder in the car, looks nice on the counter, and holds two glasses of your favorite beverage. It's also got a lid to prevent spills and drips. With Earth Hour coming up on Saturday March 28, this is a nice gift for everyone you meet and do business with. Add your company's name to the front of this cup and remind people to shut off their lights and unnecessary gadgets and devices on March 28. One hour makes a small difference. Sipping from this I'm a Paper Cup…Not! reminds us to do more things with a lot less waste.
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FEBRUARY 23, 2015

Target Pet Owners for Marketing Opportunities

Americans love their pets.  An American Pet Products Association report found that in 2012, 83.3 million Americans owned a dog while 95.6 million people had a cat. That's a lot of pets and a lot of pet owners and a lot of individuals that your pet-oriented business could (and should) be targeting. Do you hear me pet sitters, pet therapy teams, veterinarians, pet food and toy suppliers, kennels, groomers, doggie daycare centers, and every other business that associates with the cute, cuddly, fluffy, and tail-wagging animals that many of us refer to as our "kids?" Consider the Paw Letter Slitteremblazoned with your corporate name and phone number or Web page. It's a great giveaway for clients and prospects as well as partners. Imagine how many veterinary clients you could reach simply by handing this item over each time a new pet owner walks through the door. Or what about leaving this letter slitter with each bill for your pet sitting business? Include one with every grooming appointment. A small token gift is all that is needed to market you to new faces. And it never hurts to market your business to long time customers, too.
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FEBRUARY 18, 2015

A Spoonful of Common Sense without Spending a Lot of Cents

One of the best promotional items I have personally ever received is probably among the simplest in my house. It's the medicine spoon, and a pharmacist gave it to me once when I had to go pick up a bottle of amoxicillin for my feverish son. This has been a wonderful addition because not only have I used it for my kids, but also for myself and even the dog. The spoon is made of durable plastic, measure up to two teaspoons and is dishwasher safe. Who could use this spoon? Anyone! Who should use this as a promotional item? Doctor's offices (including pediatricians), pharmacies, and hospitals are all ideal candidates. For conferences and workshops on health topics, I suggest that you order several hundred to distribute to attendees. Simple and inexpensive means it won't put a dent in your marketing budget. Effective and promotional means it keeps your business in the collective thoughts of your recipients every time they use it. Know that this medicine spoon is something that really will be used. It's a great opportunity to give a promo item that will reach many.
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FEBRUARY 10, 2015

Our Green and Blue Mother

Celebrate the Earth and promote recycling and environmental preservation with Earth Hour coming up in March and Earth Day, which is observed on April 22. The global stress reliever memo holder is an ideal way to commemorate both celebrations of our beautiful and forgiving planet. Show your support for the third planet from the sun by giving these memo holders out to your customers and employees. Distribute them at your next tradeshow or conference. Make sure every one of your employees has one of these on his or her desk. And not only does each one promote recycling and conservation, but your business as well. The price is perfect, too. It won't tap out your wallet but is still a worthwhile item that can be used by anyone in any job position. Imagine… your name will be everywhere with this memo holder that also lets your recipients to relieve their stress. Don't forget that it can be squeezed for stress relief, too. Now, hurry up and call Gimmees so that you can get your order placed. Mother Earth will certainly thank you.
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FEBRUARY 2, 2015

Keeping Your Customer Protected

Don't get scammed and don't let your clients or customers fall victim either. The counterfeit detector penis useful for any business that accepts cash. I've seen these used in retail and grocery stores, banks, and pizza parlors. Now imagine all of the people you could reach by using this pen as a marketing tool for your business. Any business owner, whether small or large, would find great use and convenience in this. And no matter what your business is -- financial advisor, insurance salesperson, bank, payroll specialist, manufacturer , etc. -- you could find value in giving this detector pen to your clients and potential customers. It's a way to say "Hey, I care about your business and I care about our relationship, and here's a small token to help protect your own business interests." Not many people have the opportunity to give a business gift that can be protective. Here's your chance to do that while sending out a strong marketing message for yourself at the same time. One small pen. Lots of amazing benefits. Now, why wouldn't you go ahead and order this item?
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JANUARY 27, 2015

Get Some New Fans for Your Company

Educational institutions, whether they are preschools, parochial schools, high schools, or colleges, are always in need of funding. Various monies are used to provide activities, events, field trips, and educational tools for students. Who doesn't believe in helping children of all ages develop a love of learning while also giving them the tools to achieve their best? Money is not only necessary but a critical need for all schools and fundraising events like charity basketball games are among the ways that institutions can gather dollars. A recent event I attended at our local high school pitted current administrators and teachers against a widely known and entertaining basketball team for a fundraiser.  In addition to the ticket prices, the school sold these hand fans to attendees for $1.50 apiece. Not a bad way to get the fans involved! Waving these was fun for adults and kids alike during the game, and I knew that the purchase helped to benefit the school district. Plus, if most kids are anything like mine, they took these fans home and kept them. My son has his on a shelf in his room with his trophies and other memorabilia. Each time I see it, I'm reminded of the fun we had that night and the money raised to help support our local schools.
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JANUARY 19, 2015

Have a Ball Marketing Your Business

As a medical expert, physician, fitness center, dietician, or other health-oriented guru or locale, you recognize the importance of healthy eating and exercise. Looking to get your clients, patients, and customers in shape should be simple. Stress to them that there are so many ways to get in and stay in shape without joining a gym or investing in expensive pieces of workout equipment. The exercise gym ball is practically a gym within itself. There are a multitude of exercises that work with this ball and just about any body part can be toned. Additionally, it's made of a very durable vinyl so that it is long-lasting and usable. Oh, and did you notice that this exercise ball is also a marketing tool for you? Gimmees will accommodate your marketing message or corporate logo to ensure that you are always remembered.  And while people may be at first be skeptical of the health benefits that come from using this ball, it really is an effective toning and strength-building tool, takes up very little room, and can help kickstart your recipients' long term weight loss and exercise goals while promoting you every time that it is used.
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