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JULY 14, 2014

A Promo Item You'll "Flip" For

Calling all tootsies! Have we got the item for you! Well, actually, we have the item for anyone who is looking to market to the 10 adorable toes on everyone's feet. The Catalina Zori Flip Flop is it. Wouldn't these just be the most adorable giveaway for salons and spas, breast cancer awareness, podiatrists, women's health organizations, gyms and fitness centers, hospitals, and colleges? I even imagine this would be great for those finishing half-marathons, mud runs, and triathlons. The flip flop can cater to any company with any theme. How about "get your foot in the door" campaigns for your sales force? Or a gift in a goodie bag for that new freshmen class at your university? A special thank you to new patients? A gift with a coupon attached to add new clientele? There are so many ways to use this flip flop to market your business. We've provided a few suggestions, but the possibilities are endless. And Gimmees can help you find the right color options for you -- mix and match the sole and strap colors so that this giveaway goes hand in hand with your message.
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JULY 8, 2014

Hiding Your Personal Items... on Your Person

Although I'm not a runner, I have plenty of runners in my life whom I admire since I wish I had it in me to lace up a pair of sneakers and set off on a 12-mile journey. On foot. While moving quickly. But I don't. Still I've attended races where I've cheered on loved ones and friends (and even many, many strangers whom I did not know) and I've wondered often where these physically fit specimens of lean muscle and very low body fat keep their valuables like money and house keys while not breaking stride. I don't need to wonder any longer because I've discovered the shoe wallet. I love this item and I know you will, too. I useful, amazing, completely necessary, and one darn great way to market your business. Not only that, but any business -- hello construction companies, dental practices, realtors, banks, restaurants, and retail shops -- can use it. It's ideal for that grand opening giveaway or as a special thank you to a long term customer. Even if your recipient is not a runner (say, like me), he or she will still get much use from this wallet when out for a walk, a hike, or while window shopping.
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JULY 2, 2014

No Lip Service, Just Lip Protection from Us

You know you shouldn't step foot on the sand or dangle your toes poolside unless you're slathered in sunscreen, correct? You've heard all the horror stories of skin cancer, the sun's damaging rays, dreadfully painful sunburn (the latter of which I'm sure you've experienced more than once). But there's one area of the body that is at risk to sun exposure yet is often neglected or forgotten about and that's the lips. A recent study of lip cancer patients, noted by the Skin Cancer Foundation, found that 81% of patients had it on their lower lip. Now's the time for all you physicians, healthcare service organizations, hospitals, schools and daycares, insurance companies, and the like to dole out Gimmees' Easy-Twist Lip Balm. It's got sun protection (SPF 23) and has a self-adjusting applicator. Oh, and did we mention that it also markets your business prominently? It's a great giveaway for any time of the year and it's budget-friendly. It also is perfect for any organization to distribute to customers and prospects -- we've even seen law firms give this item out. You can't miss with this lip balm. It not only is a wonderful promotional item, but it just might help to save a life.
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JUNE 23, 2014

Bag It Now

Goodie bags aren't just for kids anymore. The party bags chock full of candy, pencil toppers, temporary tattoos, and stickers have given way to adult-designated giveaway bags for corporate parties, new location openings, vendor showcases, conventions, annual meetings, and conferences. Forget the skimpy bags with crayons and bubble gum, but don't forget the concept of the giveaway bag altogether because adults enjoy receiving them. First, start with the frosted die-cut bag, an attractive yet inexpensive base to hold all of the great things your recipient will be tossing inside. Now that you've ordered that lovely gift bag, fill it with appropriate items to distribute to your recipients at your next big event. Offer a few items or many. Stick to a basic theme (coffee pods, mug, coaster, etc.) or go wild with an array of different products that you know will excite while conveying your message. Whether you include a simple pen with your company name on it or something a little more exotic, keep this quote from the ancient philosopher Seneca in mind. "A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer."
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JUNE 17, 2014

Keep Cool and Scoop On!

If there's one thing everyone loves in the summertime it's ice cream (or frozen yogurt, gelato, or water ice). Nothing is as heavenly as a cold scoop of this frozen treat on a hot, sticky July afternoon. Even when the mint chocolate chip or rum raisin is being enjoyed, your trademark or corporate identity can be proudly represented on the main tool used to sustain that cooling pleasure. The ice cream scoop! It's the ideal promotional item for restaurants, new businesses, dessert manufacturers, ice cream vendors, kitchen remodelers, and summer camps to use to market themselves. But don't let those suggestions steer you away if you're in another field of business. The ice cream scoop is great for any company to use as a promotional tool even if you're a nursing facility, a real estate agency, or a law firm. Think about it. Just about everyone loves ice cream. So, don't you want a promotional item that will be used by the masses? If so, this is it! Now, get scooping!
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JUNE 9, 2014

Tell Your Prospects that They Are BEARy Amazing

Everyone needs a little pick me up now and then. A warm smile and a kind word can do wonders for the spirit. However, you can't always be there to provide that compassion. But your corporate name can. The Plush Big Paw Bear With Shirt brings a smile to the face of each and every person who sees it -- from two-year-olds to grandpas, preschoolers to senior vice presidents. Who wouldn't love this adorable bear? Think of the youngster receiving a scary vaccine at her annual pediatric well visit. How about the buyer who finished that quote before the 5:00 PM deadline? Our bear offers a simple yet thoughtful way to convey your message at any time whether he's perched on that executive cabinet or in the arms of a hospital patient. He's cute, soft, and bears a great message -- yours! And wouldn't he be a great giveaway at your next big tradeshow or conference? Let your message stand tall on the bear's t-shirt, making this thoughtful yet visible giveaway perfect for any industry or organization.
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JUNE 3, 2014

Kalm, Kool, and Koozie -- For Everyone!

Who wants to drink a warm beverage? That's simple. No one! Yet, gripping a can of soda, juice, or beer in the heat of the summer will turn that yummy refreshment into lukewarm ilk in a matter of a few minutes. Who needs a Collapsible Koozie Can Kooler with Carabiner? That's simple, too. Everyone! Now, imagine if you were to give this item out to every adult who attended a sporting event, concert, festival, block party, or -- well, you get the picture. That would mean that each recipient would see your message across this can kooler. But actually, everyone who sees the recipient with the kooler in hand ALSO has a great view of your message. Think about how many spectators at a concert or NASCAR event could potentially see your message. That could number into the thousands and that's just one event. Even at a smaller gathering, say a barbecue or block party, your corporate name is identified by guests. Maybe your brand is spotted at a party of 50 guests and one of those guests contacts you to do business. Message accomplished! You just nailed down a new lead!
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MAY 27, 2014

Mister, Could You Spare Some Coolness?

It's getting hot in here. Which is why the personal mister is just such a great item for today's post. And no, this is NOT a personal mister as in the one and only man in your life! It's a little giveaway that is perfect for the looming hot summer months (unless you're in Australia where winter is coming), women who experience hot flashes, kids who are overheated at softball tournaments in July, the elderly living in homes without air conditioning, and for those who simply don't have the luxury of cooling off in a swimming pool. This item has a lot of potential for doctors' offices, heating and air conditioning companies, organizations who provide relief to those without air conditioning, schools, and sports organizations. These misters are not at all expensive and they don't need batteries, yet they are super effective in bringing much needed relief on a hot day. Got a company picnic coming up? An outdoor event in the park? A baseball tournament over the Fourth of July? Here's your next promotional item! And as with all of Gimmees' great marketing products, you can customize this personal mister with your logo, corporate name, Web site address, or whatever you choose.
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MAY 19, 2014

You Can Nail It!

A recent trip to the doctor's office gave me an idea for this blog post. When leaving my appointment, I spotted a table set up with various takeaway items for patients and included among the products were nail files in sleeves. All of the items on the table were pink to remind women to get regular mammograms for breast cancer. The nail file is now in my purse and I realize that every single time I reach for it, I'll be reminded of the importance of mammograms and I'll recall where I picked it up. Hmmm. This simple nail file becomes a very powerful marketing tool for whatever message you wish to promote -- breast cancer awareness, diabetes, or any health topic, really. But it also is an easy item to hand out at tradeshows and events because it's thin and compact. It also comes in various colors, perfect for tailoring to your message or corporate colors. Oh, and the nail file isn't just for disease prevention. Health and wellness spas, salons, gyms and fitness centers, groceries, pharmacies, and grand opening events all could find great value in this nail file. Imagine the possibilities! They are endless.
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MAY 12, 2014

A Tote for Anyone, for Anything

There's always a need for a quality tote bag and the 100% Recycled PET Lake Convention Tote fits the bill. Here's a great item for that workshop/convention/tradeshow/event you'll be holding/setting up a booth at/participating in. At the event, the tote, which will be given to visitors, holds various materials as they walk around. Afterwards, the tote's value continues as it will be used by every recipient for different things, marketing your business. Think of the mom at the soccer game bringing drinks for the team, the family at the beach with sunscreen and magazines, the gentleman toting along crossword puzzles, a book, and his iPad while traveling overseas. It sounds like this tote bag really gets around! And if you needed a reason why this is a nice giveaway, here's one more. This bag is made from 100% post-consumer recycled material. Oh, and one more thing. It holds up to 40 pounds. Not a bad gift! This is something you'll feel good about giving and your recipients will feel great about getting. Now, get busy and order this tote. Call Gimmees. It's the best item around!
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