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APRIL 7, 2014

Don't Set Sail or Board the Plane Unless You Have This!

Attention travel agencies, hotels and resorts, tour operators, cruise lines, tourism services, and transportation services. Are you looking for something simple to promote your business and get your name and brand noticed? Consider the Whatever Bottle Travel Set. Today's travelers -- whether for business or pleasure -- know federal regulations don't allow for large bottles of liquids to be transported within carry-on bags. Not to mention, the thought of bringing bulky bottles onboard is inconvenient and messy. This travel set enables your customers, partners, and potential customers to fill each bottle with the products he/she needs. Some travelers might bring facial cleansers and shampoo while others need witch hazel and liquid hand soap. The choice is up to the recipient, but the travel set can be used over and over again. The bottles are also approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) so that travelers know they are okay to use. This travel set makes it so much easier when packing and prepping for a trip. Your recipients will thank you for this gift, but really, you'll be more thankful since your message will be front and center for all to see.
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MARCH 31, 2014

Keep Your Business from Getting Stale with a Simple Promotional Item

My family is constantly opening various food products from marshmallows and candy to cereal and pretzels. Before I realize it, the kids have moved on to another product and the torn open bag of marshmallows has quickly become stale. No worries though. I have that recycled 6" bag clipthat I picked up at a tradeshow a few years back to save those snacks. Here is an item that has made its rounds -- keeping potato chips sand-free at the beach and closing cookie bags at soccer tournaments -- with my family. While in transit, this simple clip has been seen by probably hundreds of people as I passed around bags of goodies. Hmmmm…. This sounds like a really great marketing tool. It's simple yet it clearly shows off that marketing message. You could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new marketing campaign, and that is fine. But you could also integrate a small promotional item into that same campaign, giving it out at product launches, tradeshows, client meetings, and an array of other events. It's one more step that keeps your brand in the mind of those who have met you and know your image and offerings and even those who haven't.
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MARCH 24, 2014

You Gotta Shake, Rattle, and Get Business

The clocks have been turned ahead. The calendar has hit the vernal equinox. Kids are taking to the fields for softball and baseball practice. The daffodils are beginning to raise their yellow heads. What this means is that springtime has arrived and summer won't be far behind. You can easily bet money on the fact that men and women will be hitting the gym or the pavement -- or both -- in an effort to get in shape and work off the pounds that the stews, cupcakes, and countless high carb foods of winter tacked onto our derrieres and thighs. It's time for salads and smoothies. The 20 oz. Plastic Fitness Shaker with Measurements makes whipping up a protein shake or smoothie as simple as a cakewalk -- or rather as simple as can be. Gyms and fitness centers, physicians, and health insurance companies have used this promo item to market their businesses while giving clients and potential customers a product that they can really use to get in shape and feel good. Now's the time for your logo to splashed across these shakers as so many people are looking to improve their overall health. You'll help them get in shape. Your recipients will help to market you.
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MARCH 18, 2014

The Pencil Takes the Lead!

While sharpening pencils for my kids the other night, I realized something. Expensive, top-notch pens seemingly have taken over the world, providing the ink necessary for the signatures that grace laws, bills, and contracts. Everything from sending a nephew a check for his 18th birthday to the President penning a signature on a new law, is left to the mighty pen. Thus, the well-promoted pen appears to be leaving the lowly pencil in the (lead) dust. But actually, that's not the case. Take a look at all the schoolchildren who learn to write with pencils. Even college students choose pencils over pens for their high level math classes. Accountants and librarians are two professions also known to have pencils in hand. The Buy Write Pencil is a promo item for any industry: hotels, insurance firms, electricians, retail businesses, schools, IT companies, dentists, etc. Although the pen would have you believe it's conquered the world, we all need our pencils. And one simple pencil can market your business for months, even years to come. Each time it is used or sharpened, or even just sitting on the counter or desk, it's marketing your company.
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MARCH 10, 2014

Well, By George, I'm Feeling a Lot Less Stressed

Oh, the stress! There are so many reasons why anxiety can build up and take over, leaving us sleepless, hesitant, and worried. Health issues for ourselves and loved ones, the increase in the cost of living, the looming tax season crunch, and paying off those holiday bills are just a few scenarios that we can all relate to in terms of anxiety. So, what do we do about it? How about squeezing the dickens out of our first President? Would that help you to feel better? If so, take a look at the George Washington Bust Stress Reliever. Imagine the fun of clutching old Georgie boy and squeezing him to your heart's content. Now, imagine all of your customers doing the same thing! Sure, George can't offer you a fat check to pay off that heating bill or make sure that your tax return is filed correctly to make the deadline, but he can alleviate some of the worry in your life while bringing a little smile to your face. Hand these George stress relievers out at your next business conference, meeting, or tradeshow and listen for the chuckles. The question isn't who could I give these to but who wouldn't love this great promo item?
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MARCH 3, 2014

Extending Your Business Reach to Animal Loving Peeps

Know how to capitalize on a market that you never considered critical to your business? Today's tip shows you how! Pets are a huge part of many of our lives. According to the Humane Society, the US was home to 164 million pets in 2012 -- a whopping 62 percent of US households had a furry, fluffy, or scaly baby living under its roof. What does this mean to yourbusiness? Your business -- whether it is pet-oriented or not -- should cater to pet owners. You need to capitalize on these statistics. You could be a veterinarian or a pediatrician. A dog walker or an office cleaning service. An accounting firm or a convenience store. Whatever your business entails, you probably cross paths with pet owners, if not daily, then almost daily. Why not pitch your business directly to these people? It doesn't mean you have to stand up and give a speech. A simple smile, quick introduction, and customized promo item are all the tools you need. The pet food scoop n' clip is one suggestion. It's a small token gift that is inexpensive for you but completely necessary for dog and cat owners who will be feeding their beloved babies daily.
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FEBRUARY 24, 2014

Glassware for Irish Folks and Others

"There are only two kinds of people in the world, the Irish and those who wish they were." This classic Irish proverb will draw a chuckle and so, with St. Patrick's Day not far away, look to the 16 oz Pilsner glass. This glass can be customized with a logo -- perfect for restaurants and taverns for promotional giveaways. Customers purchase a specific beer (or another specialty beverage) that is on tap for the Irish holiday and the glass is a free gift. These glasses are also ideal as gifts for groomsmen and other partygoers at bachelor parties. Consider this glass as a special remembrance for a wedding, a retirement party, or a 21st surprise birthday. Personally, I like the idea of dining establishments customizing the Pilsner glass and giving it to customers or simply using the tailored barware in their businesses. Why just use a simple clear beverage glass? Every single one of your barware items should have your restaurant's name on it. Why? This subtle marketing message sticks in your customers' minds even when they aren't in your pub. The customized glasses will become something that customers expect each time they pay a visit. And that will make you stick out from the 22 other restaurants/pubs in your town.
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FEBRUARY 18, 2014

A Tee Shirt with a Message

It won't be too much longer before Daylight Savings Time begins, the weather warms up, and more of us will take to the outdoors for exercise and fresh air. As we say goodbye to winter, one thing becomes certain. Charities and organizations, anxious to bring attention and dollars to their coffers, begin holding events like memorial walks and fundraisers. The 5K race/fun walk is a weekend norm in the springtime and many charities use them to raise money. What's one thing these charitable organizations need? Besides money, I mean? It's a great Hanes 50/50 Cotton/Poly T-Shirt - White. These tees are easily customizable so that you can add the event name and date as well as the names for the terrific sponsors who have helped to make the run/walk/festival happen. Tee shirts are one of the most popular and also one of the most enduring of promotional items because they are simple, everyone loves them, and they can be great giveaways for nearly every person of any age. Now imagine your message being worn by the masses -- hundreds, even thousands of people. That's a marketing message that won't be missed.
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FEBRUARY 11, 2014

Open Sesame... or Something of the Sort

We all get mail. Sure, we probably receive more email than we do snail mail, but nonetheless, envelopes containing bills, letters, junk, membership information, and thank you notes will show up in your mailbox, requiring someone to open them up. Don't let your customers and potential business partners get paper cuts! Instead, have your logo imprinted on this letter openerand distribute them in person, at tradeshows, and in promotional bags. These letter openers offer bright colors that really pop -- enabling your logo to stand out. And each time the recipient has an envelope in hand, he or she will reach for this appealing letter opener for easily and quickly cutting through even the toughest paper. Personally, I've had one these letter openers for years and it's still as sharp today as it was when I first received it. That's a true testament to a promotional item that is small, simple, and inexpensive, but still a must-have gift that solves a key problem for the masses. Now, get busy and go order a shipment of these letter openers for your next tradeshow. You'll be glad you did!
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FEBRUARY 3, 2014

One Item, Many Uses

You might suspect that something like the 64 oz sand pail is nothing more than mere child's play but let's be honest here. This promotional item is truly something you can use to jazz up other small giveaways and corporate literature or to form the basis for a goodie basket for your clients. I personally love this pail for tradeshows and events because it looks a lot nicer than a traditional tote or plastic bag for recipients to hold materials, pens, and small items. Having a corporate meeting? Planning your next annual party? Heading out to speak with perspective clients? Tailor this pail for whatever you have going on. Stack them on your table at next month's tradeshow to distribute to interested people as they stop by. Once the tradeshow or corporate meeting is over, the pail has a multitude of uses. Sure, you might spot a child on the beach with one. I like to stick household items (petare products, art supplies for projects, cleaning products for laundry use) and they also work well to hold tissue packs, hand sanitizer, and CDs in the car. So many uses for just one simple item. And don't forget. Your marketing message goes far beyond that show or meeting.
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