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SEPTEMBER 24, 2014

Winding It Up for a Great Cause

Every October the color changes and I'm not just talking about falling leaves. Pink is the color of choice for many because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to encourage everyone to be mindful of this disease. Raising awareness isn't just about reminding us of those we have loved and lost to breast cancer or those who are in remission. The purpose of BCAM is to support early detection like doctor visits and mammograms while providing support to those living with and caring for men and women with the disease. My own mom is a two-time breast cancer survivor so the color pink is especially meaningful to me. With so many walks, bake sales and fundraising events planned and healthcare facilities and doctors' offices promoting mammograms and early detection, I can think of no better promotional item for the month of October than the Pink Ribbon Lady Walking Winder. She's adorable, fun, and yet still promoting good health and early detection. Wouldn't she look great in an office, on a desk, on a kitchen's window sill, or on a shelf? I certainly think so. She's here to make us all aware of breast cancer and a reminder that we can do something to help stomp out this awful disease.
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SEPTEMBER 15, 2014

A Bite to Eat Markets Your Corporate Identity

Healthy or unhealthy, salad or burger, breakfast or brunch. Some of us nosh throughout the day. Others prefer a hearty meal. The truth of the matter is that we all eat. We might work the second shift. We may be on the road at noon. Some of us might leave the house at 4AM, while others back out of the driveway at 4PM. Whatever the case, the truth is, we all need to munch on something now and then. And since every person has this need, wouldn't it be something if there was a promotional item that catered to the need whether the individual was crunching on carrot sticks or pork rinds? Well, guess what, there is! The Non-Woven Insulated Lunch Bag is where it's at. Now, here's the best part. It doesn't matter if you're recipient is a carnivore or vegan, a child or a thirtysomething, a blue collar worker or an executive. Anyone can use this. Which means that all you need to do is put your logo or company name on this lunch bag and let it do all the marketing for you. And even if it's considered a lunch bag, trust me, it can be used to pack granola bars and fruit for breakfast or cookies and yogurt for snacks as well as beverages.
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You Too Can Be an Icon

Meryl Streep. Coca-Cola. DreamWorks Animation. Macy's. What do all of these things have in common? Well, you might say, they are something (or someone) I'd recognize if I saw their face or logo. Of course! Each of these things has become a brand of sorts. You see a logo for Macy's and you instantly put it together with a shopping experience. Meryl Streep's face reminds you of a movie that she was in. What do all of these things have to do with your business? They've all become well-known, popular, American icons that millions of people recognize. Wouldn't you love to have this happen to your business?  Becoming an icon requires marketing and getting in front of people. Make sure that whenever you meet someone, you talk up your company, explain what you do, and share how you can help this potential lead. Oh, and don't forget to leave a calling card of sorts -- yes, your business card, but also a small token that is memorable like the metal whistle/key ring. Small means that it's easy for the recipient to stick into a pocket or purse. Memorable means that you and your message won't be forgotten. Now go out there and build your iconic brand!
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A License to Market Your Business

Calling all car dealers, sports organizations, schools and colleges, insurance companies, dentists, nonprofit organizations, retail chains, restaurants, and any other company/organization/business you can think of. You know people who drive cars, don't you? These people (i.e. neighbors, friends, Aunt Mary, Reverend Francis, Dr. Jones, Mrs. Weiss, and Mr. Roberts) all drive cars. Well, maybe not all of them drive cars, but an SUV, a conversion van, a dump truck, whatever. Some sort of vehicle with at least four tires is what we are aiming for. And what do every single one of these people have in regards to these vehicles? License plates! So, what does a license plate mean for your business? A universal license plate frame has incredible marketing value and potential. It exposes your business name for everyone to see. Consider this promotional item a walking billboard advertising YOU. There are seven color choices to pick from and you tailor the frame with a message that puts your business out there -- for every driver on the road to see. So much potential for opportunities… such a little promo item.
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AUGUST 27, 2014

A Dress for Your Table

You've arrived at your conference/workshop/seminar. You're sharply dressed, name tag prominently exposed for all of those new faces to see. You've got your marketing items ready for display on the table… the TABLE! Where is the sign for the table? Did it get damaged in transit? You've got nothing whatsoever to worry about. Want to know why? There isn't a sign for your table, because you've got the 4-Sided 8 Foot Throw Style Table Cover which comes complete with your company's name. Phew! You really did dodge a bullet there. Not only do you have a high quality, wrinkle resistant tablecloth, but there's no need to have to remember to bring a sign. This bright, classy-looking tablecloth looks good and offers your name right there in white lettering making it easy to spot and read. It's one less thing you need to worry about. Now, smooth your jacket, put those pens and plastic cups out to distribute to passersby, and breathe a sigh of relief that something as simple as a tablecloth can take all the stress off.
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AUGUST 18, 2014

Give Your Marketing Campaign a Little Heart

There are so many promotional items and ways to market your business, your message, or both. Take the Heart Photo Magnet. This could be a great promo item for a cardiologist. Or it works for a pediatric dental practice. Or a school event. A law firm. A grocery store. Retail chain. Restaurant. Used car sales. Handyman services. Computer repair. Assisted living center. Painter. See where I'm going with this? An item at first glance might not look like something you think is worthwhile for marketing your company. But it can be tailored to meet your message to a T. Anyone -- and yes, I mean any business -- will find this magnet ideal for marketing purposes. It shows you care. It gets your message across in a personal yet professional way. It is something every recipient can and will use. It can be placed anywhere (i.e. refrigerators, cars, filing cabinets, magnetic boards). Want to know another useful tidbit? This magnet is competitively priced so that you won't drain your marketing budget. It's a great promo item that is budget friendly and completely useful for your business.
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AUGUST 12, 2014

Could Your Marketing Use an Ounce of Energy? How about Two Ounces?

Who couldn't use a boost, a bolt of energy if you will, right in the middle of the day? Now, what if that boost came with a marketing message attached? That's right. You can give a little bit of energy to everyone you meet and you don't even need a business card in hand. Just spot your next prospect a Sugar Free 2 oz 5 HOUR Energy Shot. Couldn't you see these set up on your next tradeshow table? I think these are a wonderful idea for that mid-afternoon 10-minute break at a seminar. And these can be used at all sorts of events -- marathons, mud runs, and other races/walks; orientations; fitness center sign-ups; picnics; and all-night collegiate fundraisers are just a few suggestions. I recently got one of these energy shots at a carnival prior to a NASCAR race where there were literally thousands of people milling around. That tiny bottle in my hand gave me an idea. One small item is all it takes for someone --anyone -- to notice your company's name. And one person is all it takes to land a new customer. Who could bring you hundreds, thousands, perhaps even millions of dollars' worth of business.
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AUGUST 5, 2014

I've Got a Bud for Your Ear

We've all got them -- smartphones, MP3 players, tablet computers, laptops. But do we always have the ear buds we need to keep our music (sing it Metallica or play it for us, Beethoven) or that God awful online seminar to ourselves? Lucky for us, Gimmees has got them! I like these as giveaways -- think goodie bags, gifts for someone who has answered an all important question in a sales workshop, for that nice gentleman who browsed your booth at the Vegas tradeshow. Give these to your clients (they go nicely with a business card as an ice breaker to a new prospect). Hand them out to your sales force. Add them along as a small token thank you for every new customer who places an order.  Be creative. Hand them out to students, patients, employees, mothers, grandfathers, tablet computer buyers, cable company customers, and -- well, you get the idea. Put them on your tradeshow table for walk ups to grab. There's no end to what you can do with these. Oh, and did we fail to mention that these ear buds offer excellent listening quality? We didn't? Guess what? We just did!
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JULY 29, 2014

You'll Never Walk Alone... or in the Dark Again

I love products that multi-task -- one item that has numerous functions or features in the realm of a Swiss Army knife. All knives and sharp objects aside, let's talk about the Flashlight and Siren Pedometer. This is ideal for early morning or late evening walkers who take to the streets after the sun has long set or before it has had the chance to come up. Doctors and healthcare providers agree that walking is among the best forms of exercise, but not everyone has the option to take a brisk walk during an optimum time. This marketing item not only tracks steps, calories, and the distance walked, but it also lights dark pathways and gives off a loud siren should the user feel as though he or she is in danger. This item works for an array of businesses, too -- orthopedists, healthcare facilities, gyms and fitness centers, retirement communities, alarm companies, walking clubs, etc. Get the idea? Promoting good health with walking helps your clients and customers know how important they are to you. Adding on your corporate name to this pedometer reminds them of all that your company offers.
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JULY 21, 2014

Magnetize Your Marketing Efforts

Organizations always are looking at new and innovative ways to market their brands, but marketing campaigns can be costly at times. I'd like to introduce you and your business to the magnet trend. If you've not noticed, magnets are promoting everything from colleges to sports teams to radio stations to grocery stores. A magnet is noticeable and it broadcasts your message without the need for a very pricey radio station timeslot. Magnets have been showing up on cars, refrigerators, and filing cabinets. The Magnet - Oval Shape (6x4) Outdoor Safe is a favorite of ours over here at Gimmees because it is big enough to promote a message/company name/Web site address yet not at all intrusive. It works for everything, too -- any business or organization or event can use this little magnet for maximum sales potential. Stick it in a goodie bag at a tradeshow, hand it out to new enrollees, slap it on the cars in your corporate parking lot. Now, imagine you give out 500 of these magnets. How many pairs of eyes will spot them? The number is incredible -- too many to count. Suddenly, that tiny marketing idea has promoted you to the masses with little effort on your part.
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